Those Last Stubborn States…

In the beginning of working digital modes, when I still was using a smaller, much more compromised antenna than my current 20m hamstick, getting contacts was pretty difficult. I treasured every last one like it was a prize… because it was.

Then I updated my antenna to the “fishing pole” mount hamstick, and once I got that tuned up correctly, I started having an easier time making contacts. It seemed as if the first 35 states practically jumped onto my radio like hungry fish biting. The next ten were only a little harder.

But when I got down to just 6 states left to confirm it got really really hard.

Not only did I have to make the contact successfully, then I’d have to wonder if the ham on the other end of the line was “a confirmer” (My own word meaning they actually upload their logs! I guess it gets boring after you’ve won most of your awards, but it seems a lot of the very long time hams have sort of quit doing that.

I had to scratch and claw, and stalk like a bloodhound for Wyoming, New York, South Carolina, Michigan, and South Dakota.

I’ve contacted Alaska once, and Montana three times without a confirmation. Just two more for Worked all States. I guess I get to roll the dice again tonight!

You guy are on notice… I’m coming for you! =)