HF1 QRP Transceiver Schematics

This project is based around the recent HF1 QRP transceiver by Ashhar Farhan, VU2ESE. The transceiver is an interesting SSB design with wide tuning range from 0-30MHz and should cover several amateur bands.  The schematic for the transceiver can be found on the Minima mail list in this post with a PDF attachment. After a …

Minima Transceiver Schematics & Code

For those who want to build their own superheterodyne transceiver, the Minima may fit the bill. Designed by Ashhar Farhan, the schematics are freely available online. Minima Schematics: http://www.phonestack.com/farhan/minima.html Backup Archive of Schematics: https://www.freelists.org/archives/minima/01-2016/pdfavh3bHrUb6.pdf Minima Arduino code on Github: https://github.com/afarhan/radiono Discussion of Minima on FreeList: https://www.freelists.org/post/minima/Minima-PCB,24 PCB for Minima builds: https://yo4hhp.wordpress.com/2014/01/22/pcb-for-minima-general-coverage-transceiver/