Phoenix Area Amateur Radio Clubs

The Phoenix and Maricopa County area of Arizona has many active Amateur radio clubs that welcome new ham operators.

Here is a list of my favorites:

Queen Creek Amateur Radio Club

A great club that has many “Elmers” ready to help new hams, weekly ham nets, radio in the park events and face to face meetups.

They hang out on the Ocotillo Repeater most of the time.

I made my first on-air contact with members of this the Queen Creek ARC, and they have been instrumental in helping me get comfortable as a new ham.

Chandler Hams Radio Club

A relatively new club started in the summer of 2019, the Chandler Hams club has grown rapidly to around 100 members as of winter, 2020.

Chandler Hams also offers ham license testing under the Laurel VE organization.

Venture Out Amateur Radio Club

A club running out of the Venture Out Community that gives ham test exams abut half of the year. (There are a lot of snow birds and RV warriors in the group who clear out during the hottest part of the year, so winter activity is a lot greater than summer with the Venture Out group)

This is where I took my Technician License test, and they are a fantastic bunch.

Sunlife Amateur Radio Club

A sister club to the Venture Out Amateur Radio Club. Participates in weekly Thursday Radio in the Park, and holds their own Thursday afternoon tech meetings in the Red Mountain Library “Thinkspot” to discuss Raspberry Pi, 3D Printing, Arduino, and other ham related side-topics.

Superstition Amateur Radio Club

Ham Radio club based out of Mesa, with members all over the east side of the valley. Great website with a lot of information on various topics including Mesh nets, Raspberry Pi and their club events and Nets.

Scottsdale Amateur Radio Club

One of the older ham radio clubs in Arizona, with it’s own members area and many events. Actively recruits new hams (I got a postcard from them inviting me to join within 5 weeks of getting my license.)