How to Update Your Address on Your Ham Radio Operator License

A requirement of maintaining an amateur radio operators license is that you must update the FCC with your current address if you move.

Failure to keep your address updated and accurate can result in losing your ham radio license, so you’ll want to make sure you don’t forget to update it.

There are a number of independent companies that will do this for you, for a fee, but you can actually do this yourself online for free if you know how.

The FCC provides instructions on how to update your address here.

You will need your FCC Registration Number (FRN number). If you have forgotten what it is, your can look it up by searching the FCC License Database for your call sign.

Go to the FCC’s Online License Manager to file your change of address.

Login with your FRN and your password you created when you got your FRN.

Find your license in the list and look to the right hand side of the screen where it says Work on this License.

There is an update link in the box. Click the link to start the process to update your address.

Follow the prompts to update your address, and certify the application.

You’re done! Easy and free.

A few useful FCC links: