Eye in the Sky – Storm Spotting Ida At a Safe Distance

I was on HF last night, working a little 40m FT8 when I occurred to me I might want to look at the radar overlay in Grid Tracker (One of the programs I run alongside WSJT-X for additional information about where my signals are going.)

My neighbor and I had been chatting earlier in the day about the behavior I was seeing with signals rapidly fading and coming back around both sides of the greyline on 40m and she asked me if I’d ever looked at the radar at the same time as my signal reports.

Well.. no! Smacking my forehead! Doh!

So I looked to see if Grid Tracker had that function, and yes it does!


This is what I saw:

I was initially interested in the small spots of thunderstorm activity directly over Phoenix, but then said.. WHAT is THAT down in the bottom right…?!

If ever there was a perfect picture of an “Eye in the Sky”, that is it! Hurricane Ida, there you are in all your fury.

And I didn’t have to risk being hit by a flying cow or bus to see it!

Just wow. Ham radio tools today are amazing.