Using DMR Radio

Digital mobile Radio works on a digital stream that works over the internet between DMR enabled repeaters. Getting Started with DMR: You’ll need to already be a licensed ham operator of Technician class or greater. To use DMR, you need to to have your call sign validated and get a Radio ID. Get your DMR […]

Minima Transceiver Schematics & Code

For those who want to build their own superheterodyne transceiver, the Minima may fit the bill. Designed by Ashhar Farhan, the schematics are freely available online. Minima Schematics: Backup Archive of Schematics: Minima Arduino code on Github: Discussion of Minima on FreeList:,24 PCB for Minima builds:

Ham Radio to Cell Phone Communications

Useful Email to SMS gateway information that lets you text phones using your ham radio. Video below demonstrates communications between Amateur radio equipment and cell phone equipment using email to text feature with’s Pactor HF email system. Checkout for more information. Carrier Email to SMS Gateways Alltel – [10-digit-phone-number] AT&T – [10-digit-phone-number]@ […]

Cartoon Antennas

Studying for the General ham license, which is the next step up from the Technician’s license has led to some interesting (and entertaining) “ah-ha” moments for me regarding the design of radio antennas. Prior to dipping my toes into the ham test question pools, I’d always thought of antennas as passive equipment, responsible for receiving […]

Hello DX World!

The joke in the programming world, of which I have been a part for many years is the first baby program is always concerned with outputting a simple “Hello World” to the screen. So in Ham lingo, talking to the world, instead of your local area is called DX-ing. In the old days, you need […]