All My X’s are in Texas, or I Left My Heart in Amarillo…

Funny song references to Texas aside, Texas is a really big place.

I know that’s obvious, but it becomes even more obvious when you start working for HF radio awards involving US counties and you discover that Texas has TWO HUNDRED and FIFTY FOUR counties!

That’s enough to get both of the first two endorsements (100 counties and 250 counties) on the QRZ Us Counties award without ever working another state.

I have no idea how many people ever actually work every county in the whole state of Texas, but I bet it takes a long time. Propagation is such a weird thing, and you can never be sure where, and for how long your signals will touch down, and then whether the target will be able to get one back the other way.

But I’ll be hailing Texans a lot in the future just for the fun of seeing how many counties I can get.

See you on the air!