3D Printing Resources

Having recently discovered and fallen in love with 3D printing, I’ve compiled a list of resources for 3D printing software, supplies and parts.


GST3D – Low cost PLA+ 3D printer filament in a variety of colors. Prints reasonably well, and the company ships fairly quickly.

Overture 3D – PLA, PLA Silk, PETG, ASA, ABS, TPU, Nylon filaments. Also carries nozzles, and build surfaces.

Sunlu – PLA, PLA Silk, PETG, SPLA, ABS, Carbon Fiber, Wood, TPU filaments, including some rainbow and shiny filaments. Also sells filament dryer boxes, 3D pens, and a line of 3D printers.

Xvico – PLA and PETG filaments, as well as a range of 3D printers.

Matter Hackers – ABS, ASA, SLA, PETG, Nylon, TPU. Medium to Professional quality filaments, with accompanying elevated pricing. Also printers, and replacement or upgrade parts.

3D Filament Source – PLA, PETG, ABS filament. Includes some of the more pastel colors, reasonably priced.

Toolots – Low cost filaments – ABS, PLA, PLA Silk, PLA+, PETG, TPU, Rainbow, Glow in the Dark, Wood. Also carries 3D printers of a more industrial type.

3D Fuel – PLA, PETG, ABS, ASA, Nylon filaments. Mid-priced. Wide array of colors and shades.

eSun – Wide variety of filament types and colors.

Eryone – Nice assortment of PLA and PLA+, PETG filaments, including some gorgeous metallic, rainbow, marble, wood and silk colors.

3D Models

Thingiverse.com – One of the biggest repositories for free 3D models you can download and print. Tends towards the useful objects.

Thangs.com – Big source of 3D printed models though there are more figurines than useful things.

Cults3D – Mix of free and paid STL files in many different categories.

Prusa – Well categorized downloadable models and gcode files at the Prusa printer site.

My Mini Factory – Mix of free and paid models with a heavy bent towards figurines.

GrabCad – Over 4 million models. Not all are suitable for 3D printing, but many are useful to design other components around, such as a raspberry pi model to help design a case.

McMasterCarr – Huge engineering and mechanical parts provider that has CAD models downloadable of most of their parts.

Maker Forums

Great places to get advice and troubleshooting tips for your 3D printing and modeling.

Lulzbot Forums

DrVax Forums

RepRap Forums


Marlin GCode Documentation – Reference list of available GCode commands in Marlin firmware

Marlin Firmware – Downloads and documentation for one of the most popular open source firmware driving 3D printers, CNC machines and more.

Marlin for Anet Printers – Fork of Marlin configured for Anet Printers by Dave Terran